RE: Religions Are Products of Culture and Geography, Not Truth

My response:

The source of the “challenge” comes from John Loftus’ blog. Here it is in its full context:

0:22 No, Loftus’ argument is not a genetic fallacy. Loftus is not claiming that the geographic sources of the beliefs themselves invalidate the claims of those beliefs. If you read the article, Loftus argues that religions make objective claims about truth, but they conspicuously conflict each and vary depending on geographic location. Brett’s misrepresentation is a straw man.

1:27 Tu quoque. Moving on….

1:36 Another straw man. If someone out there is claiming that “secularism is true because of the geography” (whatever that means), I’d like to see the source.

2:05 No, Loftus’ argument is not a sociological claim. He is responding directly to the religions that claim to provide objective truths and observing that these claims are inconsistent with the evidence of reality worldwide; and, moreover, the beliefs of those claims conspicuously tend to correspond with their respective geographic locations, suggesting an alternative explanation. Claiming that this is a “sociological claim” is yet another misrepresentation and a straw man.

2:34 “We want to look at the beliefs themselves and see whether or not there’s evidence for them”: This I can agree with. Unfortunately, human beings tend to be very good at rationalizing beliefs despite vastly insufficient evidence for those beliefs.

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