Words Worth Repeating #5

Still thinking about protest-voting for a Libertarian? Here’s something to think about. Do you know *why* your Libertarian candidate of choice has no chance on the ballot? Are you tired of those “pretend” libertarians like Rand Paul giving everybody a bad impression of what you True Libertarians (TM) actually believe?

Your only choices right now are to (A) join the Republican party and toe their party line, which rightly offends your social libertarian sensibilities, or (B) accept your role as an also-ran. The Republicans just have too much money, and the system is rigged so that they can get more anytime they need it. The electoral rules have been rigged so that any third party candidate would have to be spectacularly wealthy to even get on the podium for a presidential election. Remember Ross Perot? The spectacularly wealthy 3rd party candidate from… 20 years ago? That was before the rules were rigged. You’d have to have even more money now.

You know who rigged the rules? Republicans. By *deregulating* corporate campaign contributions. (Wait… shouldn’t have mentioned that… should I… Deregulation is good. Nothing to see here…)

That’s just a fact, jack. The Democrats… The DEMOCRATS… originated a bill on this very calendar year which would have overturned Citizens United, the rule that hopelessly rigged elections for the mega-rich. Republicans killed it.

I get that you don’t like taxes. You want to be able to… I dunno… have your own private fire department or something. That’s all well and good, but you never have a shot at getting it until election laws are reformed. The DEMOCRATS have election reform on their party platform.

For crying out loud, take one for the team this year. Vote Democrat, and maybe you can have your own Pakistan in 2020 after we get corrupt money out of politics.

–William Hamby, via Facebook

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