RE: The Omniwank of New Atheism

My response:

4:44 “I think a moderate religion is good for society.”

Citation needed.

Society without God by Phil Zuckerman and What You Don’t Know About Religion (but Should) by Ryan Cragun both quantify the relationship between religiosity and societal health in detail with tangible data. You’ll have to read both of those books in their entireties to examine all factors in detail, but I think Zuckerman summarizes it best on page 29 of his book:

“In sum, when it comes to overall quality of life, according to The Economist’s Quality of Life Index, which measures 111 nations as to which are the ‘best’ places to live in the world, taking into consideration multiple factors, such as income, health, freedom, unemployment, family life, climate, political stability, life-satisfaction, gender equality, etc., Sweden ranked fifth in the world and Denmark ranked ninth. And of the top 20 nations with the best quality of life, most of them—as you can guess by now—are relatively irreligious societies.”

If you want to seriously argue that “moderate religion is good for society,” collect your own data and see if it contradicts the findings by Zuckerman and Cragun.

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