Words Worth Repeating #2: You Might Be a Young Earth Creationist….

…if you want others to prove a theory that says species change over long periods of time by showing you such a change happening RIGHT NOW.

…if you have no idea what would constitute a “change of kind,” but KNOW that it’s PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FACT that it’s ABSOLUTELY impossible.

…if you can’t tell the difference between “micro-evolution” and “macro-evolution,” but know that the latter is also ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE.

…if you believe that “day” in Genesis 1 MUST mean a literal, 24-hour day, because Genesis is clearly literal history…but “day” in Genesis 2 is not a literal, 24-hour day, because clearly Genesis isn’t meant to be taken literally.

…if you believe that seashells on mountaintops are an insurmountable obstacle for “evolutionists,” but that millions of annual layers of sediment are easily explained by “The Flood did that.”

…if you believe that every single scientific method of dating is “fallible human reasoning,” and thus suspect, but a guy adding up ages in the Bible and guessing to fill in the gaps is an inerrant and reliable method of dating the age of the planet.

…if you think that we can never know anything about the past except through eyewitness accounts, but you’d still call the police to investigate if your house was robbed while you were out.

…if you think DNA evidence is “just guesses” when it comes to establishing common descent, but would still trust a paternity test.

…if you have ever proclaimed that “polystrate trees” prove a young Earth while remaining blissfully unaware of the fact that it would require the trees to have grown to adulthood in the middle of the Flood.

…if you KNOW no new genetic information has ever been observed…but have no idea what would count as “new genetic information.”

…if you KNOW there can never be a transition between two obviously different “kinds” like cabbages and radishes, and then get cranky when someone shows you Raphanobrassica.

,,,if you KNOW “kinds” are at about the family level…and dismiss the fact that the Bible talks about many different “kinds” of owls alone, because, hey, what would the Bible know about the Biblical concept of “kinds?”

…if you KNOW Behemoth was a sauropod dinosaur, despite the fact that the ancient Hebrews quite plainly identified him as Shor Habar, the great ox…because, hey, what would those silly Hebrews know about the true meaning of the Old Testament? It’s not like it was written for them or anything.

–Benjamin Pierce (via Facebook)

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