Words Worth Repeating #1: Respecting Beliefs

Respecting beliefs is a great idea because we want to be nice and most of us don’t want to offend others unnecessarily. However, we live in a world that is being destroyed by the ignorance of ancient superstition that is still trying to hold on to the shriveling remnants of power it still controls. Religion is mixing with politics across the geopolitical landscape and is driving the ignorance that is preventing the progress of science to help us save our home and our children’s futures.

We cannot be nice about this anymore. Denying science in the name of ancient mythological belief systems because you think a magical Jewish space wizard is going to return from the heavens on a flying white horse with a flaming sword is something I expect when I watch Lord of the Rings, not an idea I should be expected to show respect towards in a sociopolitical debate on public policy.

I don’t really loathe most believers. They are people just like me who have been sheltered in their culture and environment while being bombarded with affirmations of their ignorance by charlatans and others who have accepted these ideas without ever really and truly thinking about them very deeply or with a critical mind. Emotional bias is not evidence, and no matter how strongly you feel about your precious Jesus, you are deluded and God is not speaking to you. It’s not the Holy Spirit you feel–that’s dopamine.

Enough of this. It’s time to grow up, people. Our planet is on fire and your ignorance is fanning the flames.

–Timothy Havener (via Facebook)

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