Review/Rant: God’s Not Dead – The Most Offensive Movie I’ve Ever Seen

God’s Not Dead is a malicious propaganda piece that slanders all those who wish not to bow down, empty their wallets, and offer themselves as living sacrifices to The Newsboys.

Tonight, after finding myself sandwiched in a congregation filled with its witless, psychopathic fans–all of whom cheered for the death of Kevin Sorbo by the end–listening to a calm, reasoned to response this abusive, dehumanizing filth afterwards was extremely refreshing.

Give it a read–or a listen–below.

The Obsessive Viewer


One of the best things about movies is their ability to create conversation amongst an audience of strangers. Movies that specifically tackle deep philosophical issues should inspire debate and conversation. I went into God’s Not Dead with the hope that it would have at least a frame of something, anything at all thought provoking. After all, this is a movie that at its core is about one of humanity’s most polarizing debates.

Unfortunately, God’s Not Dead amounts to an over the top piece of religious propaganda that will only appeal to people sucked into its message before they bought their ticket. In the process of actively avoiding subtext while delivering its propaganda, God’s…

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