The ‘uniqueness’ of Christianity

An Omaha Atheists member asked the following question on Facebook:

Some of you were once believers, right? So maybe you guys can help me understand a Christian’s logic. How is it that they can insist in their god’s existence, while at the same time denying the possibility of any other god existing?

This was my response:

“Christianity is the only religion that [X]” was a common refrain in my Christian life. The end of that phrase usually entailed details about the (supposed) veracity of Jesus’ resurrection and the (supposed) utility and originality of the faith-not-works doctrine.

In particular, Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, and C.S. Lewis would promote the idea that Christianity was a superior religion to all other religions in their books (The Case for Christ, Evidence that Demands a Verdict, and Mere Christianity, respectively). Preachers, Sunday school teachers, and Christian school teachers regurgitated their material. I recall writing several essays on Lewis’ works in my Christian school English classes myself.

When I look back on these books now, I just laugh. Now that I’ve independently studied other religions, I realize the assertion that “Christianity is the only religion that [X]” is often not true for reasons too numerous to list here. Youtuber Steve Shives does an excellent job analyzing the aforementioned apologetics books, starting with the most common book recommendation, The Case for Christ:

TL;DR: I was convinced by apologists like Lee Strobel that Christianity is uniquely veracious, but I now realize their claims were ultimately unfounded.

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