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What I think when you say I haven’t really met Jesus

Originally posted on The Discerning Christian:
Jesus approves of this post. So I get it. You disagree with me about whether I’m a “true” Christian. All my philosophical views and liberal theology rub you the wrong way. I haven’t checked…

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Anti-human Theology: Learning to Hate Yourself

Originally posted on godless in dixie:
I have a confession to make.  I still struggle with a deep self-hatred which I inherited from my Christian upbringing.  It’s been nearly five years now since I “broke up with Jesus” and yet…

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Jesus Would Hate This Movie, and so Should You: A Review of God’s Not Dead

About twenty years before God’s Not Dead, artist Robert Crumb authored a pair of provocative satirical comics entitled “When the Niggers Take Over America!” and “When the Goddamn Jews Take Over America!” Both are hyperbolic examinations of the delusional, paranoid … Continue reading

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