GOP: The Anti-Jesus Party

godless in dixie

gopjesus1I don’t believe I could construct a political party more diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus than the Republican Party even if I tried.  Of course, it’s not that easy to determine what Jesus said or thought about many things because the gospels seem to have been heavily influenced by later struggles of various Christian communities.  E.P. Sanders convincingly demonstrated thirty years ago that the Pharisees, whom the gospels portray as Jesus’s primary antagonists, were probably nothing like the caricature of that group we received from the early Christians.  More than likely they are an anachronism, a kind of theological foil to the emphases of Paul’s ministry, but I digress.  Certain themes and concerns of Jesus still stand out, like concern for the poor, acceptance of the foreigner and the marginalized, grace, mercy, and turning the other cheek.  He also seems to have exhibited a stubborn iconoclastic streak, questioning…

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